Are You Committing These Grave Digital Marketing Mistakes?

Are You Committing These Grave Digital Marketing Mistakes?

Just when you thought you were on safe ground already, things go wrong. Just because you have incorporated SEO on your website doesn’t mean your page’s ranking is guaranteed. Sometimes it’s not enough that you have claimed you have implemented SEO on your system.

There is still a bigger question to address. How you implemented in correctly? When you have used SEO on your website, this doesn’t translate automatically to higher page ranking. SEO isn’t just the key. Correct implementation is the answer.

You may argue that you have followed the techniques and processes. However, there may be some aspects that you’ve been doing that may be sabotaging your page optimization. No shame in committing those mistakes. Even the experts sometimes enter these pitfalls.

What’s important is, you will be able to identify them and do corrective action. So, what are these mistakes?

Wrong Choice of Keywords – You may have the right intention of inserting SEO keywords but have you thought about their relevance? Are they the keywords you need? When you choose the wrong set of keywords, you won’t get the results you want.

Your wrong choice of keywords won’t drive them to your website. Think carefully about your choices. Is it how your potential customers would describe what you want to convey? Does your choice of words offer several meanings? Are your keywords too generic?

Put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. What’s the most probable keyword would they use? And do check also if your keywords represent several meanings. If it’s too generic, make it more specific.

You don’t have quality content. – Let’s talk about keywords again – you want them in your content, of course. Because of your desire to insert those keywords, you may have sacrificed the content of your website.

Does it matter that your content is no longer relevant as long as you have inserted all the necessary SEO keywords? Wrong. While it is important that you have picked the right keywords, it’s also important that you have inserted them in useful articles.

They keywords have driven the searcher to the content, but would they stay? If the content does not engage the user, what would you expect? It’s an achievement that you have made them click to your site but if they do not see anything useful – they would leave.

Your page may still come up in searches but would they return? Give users something to take away. Give them a reason to come back.

Using the right keywords and preparing quality content comes hand in hand. Together, when used properly can drive people to your website.


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