How Would You Know If Your Articles Are SEO-Friendly?

How Would You Know If Your Articles Are SEO-Friendly?

Content writers who are required to write SEO-friendly articles would often ask if they are doing it correctly. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, a content writer fails in producing SEO-friendly articles.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we make errors and we don’t incorporate SEO correctly in the written articles. Even long-time content writers have committed some of these mistakes. What you should focus on instead is how to improve your writing to make it compliant to SEO.

How can you write better articles? How can you make sure they are SEO-friendly? It’s time to go back to what you’ve written and identify if you did the following steps:

Have you identified who your target market is? It’s important that you should know this as it will drive the direction of your writing. Have you taken time to know who you want to visit your page? Who are you catering to?

When you have identified who your market share is, you can work around that information to determine which keywords you can use in your content. Why is target market identification related to keywords choice?

This is because the keywords you should pick is what your potential visitors might use. Think in their “language”. We are not just talking about location specific language here, what are the age groups?

Millennials would probably refer to things and matters differently compared to people who are in their 40s or 50s. When you actually know who you are targeting, it’s easier to pick words that are more relevant and accurate to your field.

Have you paid attention to the actual content of your articles? It is important to incorporate your chosen keywords into the article but what is also as important? Is your content still worth reading?

You may have content for the sake of having content – don’t do that. Think this: quality is still greater than quantity. However, if you can create a number of quality contents that’s better.

Content writers should still be able to come up with well-written and interesting articles. When readers go to your page and see the thin content, you won’t expect them to stay long. You don’t expect them to return either.

Page visitors would always want to see useful content. Great content increases page engagements also. If they see meaningful content consistently, you would expect them also to be a regular on your page.

Search engines would see that increase of engagements. Your awesome content draws people and it will drive your rankings to be higher as well.

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